Majestic Camping

MAJESTIC Camping – Keeping it clean, comfy and simple

Wake up with the sun on the bank of the Olifant’s river and feel yourself finitely attuned into the vibrations around you; the breeze stirring the grass and trees, the lapping sounds of water on stone as the river flows past, the sound of laughter in the distance as campers awaken around you. Unzip your tent and step out into a sense of wonder that will carry you throughout the day; as you explore your body, mind and soul. Essential transformation begins with a good nights sleep.

The MAJESTIC Camping Village offers you a deeply restful experience without any of the worry of setting up your own camp. This option includes 4 nights accommodation in a cozy, furnished camping village ready and waiting on arrival, so you can get to letting your spirit free for the weekend.

The set-up includes a two-sleeper tent with two mattresses and bedding under a Bedouin marquee. The is kitted with lights and electricity points. Just bring yourself, extra blankets, if you wish, and your favorite camping stories. There is also a cosy lounge area with chairs and bean bags under the trees to sit back and watch the gentle river flow past.

The MAJESTIC CAMPING village has its own dedicated serviced ablutions (hot showers and flush toilets).

– lest you forget that camping is hard work.

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