1. General Camping: For those who have their own camping paraphernalia there is a perfect layout in a forrest by a parking space for you and Camping is FREE – Please note that Tent space limited to 2-3 man tent (max 3m x 3m) Campsite gates open Thursday at 3.00pm
  2. Caravan Camping: For those who have caravans, campervans or vehicles with rooftop tents. Limitted space. Details on ticket purchase page. We do not provide RV hook-ups.
  3. Majestic Village: Tent Rentals: Pre-pitched 2-man tents under bedouin tent with mattresses, bedding, towelling, lighting, chill out area.

Please DO NOT bring: • Animals • Unnecessary valuables • Alcohol – this is an alcohol-free event. Please keep the Spirit and participate with the benefit of being clear and sober. The same applies to illegal drugs. Remember, kids look to you as role models and there will be many enjoying the event. • Fire – in any form. Braais, candles, etc are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. The region has a large amount of dry flammable areas due to drought. Consider the flammable nature of the tents of your fellow campers to consider. • As its a leave no trace event please don’t bring ANYTHING you can’t take home with you. In your final preparations, please remove any additional packaging (plastics, cardboard, etc) you would need to throw away at the event.